The telecrane wireless radio remote control systems for Tower Cranes enable more efficient and effective work on construction sites, saving you both time and money. For more information please contact us.

• Durable nylon-fiber housing for extra shock resistance..
• Fully programmable relay configuration with maximum 16
relays output per command.
• Operating range up to 100 meters
• Pre-wiring standard cable making installation quick and easy.
• Economic efficiency, ease of operation.
• 3 stages LED battery power indicator.
• Feature acceleration delay time control (smooth moving for
multiple speeds cranes)
Operating Temp.
-35oC ~ +80oC
Maximum Range
100 M
TX power supply
4 AA size Alkaline batteries
RX power supply
24/48/110/220/380 V
Protection class
IP 65 Industrial standard
ID Code
4.3 billion (32 bit)
Hamming code distance
> 4
TX Dimension & Weight
220x110x90 mm Apprx. 860g (w/o batteries)
RX Dimension & Weight
290x230x70mm Apprx.2200g (w/o cable)