Tower Cranes

We supply a wide range of new and used Tower Cranes in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan for rental purposes or if you are interested in purchasing them. In addition to that, it is our responsibility to regularly inspect and maintain rented Tower Cranes on various construction sites. We can erect, dismantle, refurbish, paint and repair directly on or off site.

Our tower crane stock is comprised of Linden Comansa – Potain and Pingon Tower Cranes.

We are furthermore the official distributors of Linden Comansa in Lebanon. For more information

Linden Comansa (Construcciones Metálicas Comansa S.A.) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tower cranes and luffing-jib cranes for construction. The company offers a complete range of products, designed under the Flat-Top modular system, and including the latest technology.
Linden Comansa’s catalogue is formed by 41 Flat-Top tower cranes and 12 luffing-jib cranes, with maximum load capacities from 4 to 64 tons. With such a complete range, Linden Comansa offers solutions to all type of construction works; residential, comercial, industrial, public works, infrastructures, mining, etc.
The company’s modern premises, which opened in 2005, allow agile manufacturing, reduced delivery times and very competitive prices.
Since the creation of the company in the decade of 1960, Linden Comansa has manufactured more than 16,000 cranes, and has dealers in more than 60 countries in the 5 continents..